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    Make a Statement

    Live. Life. Loud.

    Live. Life. Loud.

    statement |ˈstātmənt|


    a definite or clear expression of something in speech or writing:

    Everyday in our society, people make statements even when they think they aren’t. If you agree with the president or not are for an issue or against...these stances are often definite and clear. The Soapbox exists to make a statement through simple items such as t-shirts, bags or even a mug. 
    By purchasing an item from our store you will be wearing or carrying an item that is a statement with some meaning because we believe in being clear and definite. 
    We believe in living life to the fullest and our collections reflect that:

    Live Collection 

    • Items that celebrate college and are a throwback to years past

    Life Collection

    • Inspirational pieces that celebrate everything from being an entreprenuer to following your dreams

    Loud Collection

    • Our own take on items that celebrate the universal language: music 
    So we welcome you to come check back with us on our blog as we grow and begin to show you how to #makeastatement & Live.Life.Loud.